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Wide linked goal is to create a secure platform that guarantees Freelancers and other service providers the rights and to find projects that implement them and help clients to find talented and professionals services performing their various projects. To achieve this, we ask our valued users to comply with the following terms and understand them well. If you do not agree to any of the following conditions, please do not use wide linked platform and do not create an account. By using our site, you acknowledge your full acceptance of these terms.

The following Terms and Conditions, are a legally binding contractual Contract between you as User and Wide linked global Inc.

By visiting or using the services available from the domain www.widelinked.com (the platform), you agree to be legally bound by these Terms and conditions.

We reserve the right to revise these Terms and conditions and all linked information from time to time in our sole discretion by updating this posting or any linked information. Unless otherwise provided in such revision, the revised terms will take effect when they are posted.


Widelinked.com is an online marketplace that enables buyers (Employers) of professional services to search for, enter into and manage transactions with Service providers of professional. The Website contains features that enable service provider and Employers to do, among other things, the following:

  • Employers: Create profiles, post projects, search for Freelancers, communicate with the service provider, negotiate with Freelancer, award projects to Freelancer or other service providers, manage projects, leave feedback for Freelancers, and pay.
  • Freelancers or Service providers: Create profiles, advertise capabilities, submit quotes, negotiate with Employers, obtain project awards, invoice, obtain feedback from Employers, and receive payment from Employers.
  • Account: means the account created by the Website upon registration.
  • Service Charges: means, as applicable, the Project Fee, Employer Payment Processing Fee, the Service Provider Transfer Method Fee and the Dispute Resolution Service Fee.
  • Services: means, collectively, the WideLinked Billing and Payment Service, the Dispute Resolution Service.


To access our Services through our Website,  a user registered in a Wide linked platform must be a legal entity, or an individual aged over 22 years of age, and must have a certificate in the specialization to be employed as a service provider, you must upload your certificate to complete your profile.

By becoming a Registered User, you agree to:

  • Abide by the Terms and conditions and the processes, procedures, and guidelines described throughout the Website;
  • Be financially responsible for your use of the Website and the purchase or delivery of services; and
  • Perform your obligations as specified by any Project Contract that you accept, unless such obligations are prohibited by law or by the Terms and conditions of Widelinked.com reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse, suspend, or terminate Services to anyone.

To become a Registered User and to access Services you agree to provide true, accurate and complete information as prompted by the registration form and all forms you access on the Website, you must ensure to update this information to maintain its truthfulness and accuracy.

Accounts and Profiles.

  • Once you have registered with the Website as a Registered User, the Website will create your Account with Widelinked.com and associate it with an account number.
  • The user is obliged not to create more than one account in widelinked.com. If he has a problem with his first account, he or she must follow up with a wide linked support team to resolve the problem.
  • During registration, you will be asked to choose a username and password for the Account. As a Registered User, you agree, and you are entirely responsible to safeguard and maintain the confidentiality of the username and password you use to access this Website. You authorize Widelinked.com to assume that any person using the Website with your username and password is you or is authorized to act for you.
  • Widelinked.com provides Registered Users several different membership options. The availability of these membership options is dependent upon
    1. The Registered User’s status as an Employer or a Service Provider
    2. The selections made during registration,
    3. Any subsequent upgrades or downgrades of membership options after registration.
  • There is no cost to register an account or to post jobs. The only fee you are responsible for is a 2.9% handling fee when paying an invoice. Note, membership benefits may change from time to time at the sole discretion of Widelinked.com and upon reasonable notice posted in advance on the Website.
  • Freelancer or Service Provider can choose from different membership options. The options and differences between these options are listed here.  Each membership option includes a certain number of “bids.” As described on the Website, a Freelancer uses bids to submit quotes for projects. We reserve the right to change membership fees, the monthly number of bids included in the membership options at the sole discretion of Widelinked.com and upon reasonable notice posted in advance on the Website. No refunds of membership fees already paid will be given. If we exercise our right to cancel a membership as provided under these Terms and Conditions, at any time, we will not refund the membership fee already paid.


  • Service Provider (Freelancer) and Employer.
    • Project Contract. The engagement, contracting and management of a project are between an Employer and a Service Provider. Upon acceptance of a quote, the Employer agrees to purchase, and the service provider agrees to deliver, the services and related deliverables in accordance with the following Contracts:

      The Contract between Employer and service provider including the Project Bid, Project Description, upload documents, and other terms and conditions as communicated between Employer and service provider on the Website, these Terms and Conditions, and any other content uploaded to the Website by Wide linked. You agree not to enter any contractual provisions in conflict with these Terms and Conditions. Any provision of a Project Contract in conflict with these Terms and Conditions is void. Employer is responsible for managing, inspecting, accepting and paying for satisfactory services and deliverables in accordance with the Project Contract in a timely manner.

      The Service provider is responsible for the performance and quality of the deliverables in accordance with the Project Contract in a timely manner.

    • Employer and Service Provider each acknowledges and agrees that their relationship is that of independent contractors. The Service Provider shall perform services as an independent contractor, widelinked.com is not involved in any type of contracts or agreement between service provider and employer.
  • Registered Users and Widelinked.com
    1. Widelinked.com is not a party to the dealing, contracting and fulfillment of any Project between an Employer and a Service Provider.
    2. Widelinked.com has no control over and does not guarantee the quality and legality of any services performed or deliverables created, advertised, the truth or accuracy of project listings, the qualifications, background, or abilities of Registered Users, the ability of Service Providers to perform services, the ability of Employers to pay for services, or that an Employer or Service Provider can or will complete a Project.
    3. Widelinked.com is not responsible for and will not control the way a Service Provider operates and is not involved in the hiring, firing, discipline or working conditions of the Service Provider.
    4. Widelinked.com will not provide any Service Provider with any materials or tools to complete any Project except the Project Management Templates as describe here.
    5. Employers and Service Providers must look carefully to the other for enforcement and performance of all the rights and obligations arising from Project Contracts and any other terms, conditions, representations, or warranties associated with such dealings.
    6. Employer and Service Provider each acknowledges and agrees that the value, reputation, and goodwill of the Website depend on their performance of their covenants and Contracts as set forth in their Project Contract.
    7. Employer and Service Provider therefore appoint Widelinked.com as a third-party beneficiary of their Project Contract for purposes of enforcing the obligations owed to, and the benefits conferred on, Widelinked.com by these Terms and conditions.
    8. Employers and Service Providers further agree that Widelinked.com has the right to take such actions with respect to the Project Contract or their Accounts, including without limitation, suspension, termination, or any other legal actions.
    9. Registered Users are responsible for payment and reporting of any taxes. Widelinked.com is not obligated to determine the applicability of any taxes or to remit, collect or report any such applicable taxes.


The Wide Linked Invoice Service enables Freelancer or other service provider to issue invoices and enables Employers to make payments for services.

When a Freelancer or Service Provider completes a Project for an Employer, the Freelancer or Service Provider will complete the electronic invoice form and submit it to via the Website. A Freelancer or Service Provider must complete and submit an Invoice to Widelinked.com for each Project or Phase based on the contract's Terms and Conditions. Such Invoice Details will not be final until and unless such Freelancer or Service Provider has confirmed the accuracy of the Invoice Details or waived the right to review the Invoice Details. If a Professional waives his, her or its right to review the Invoice Details.

Widelinked.com will submit the Invoice to the Employer and the Employer shall submit the payment specified in the Invoice to Widelinked.com. When an Employer makes a payment through the Widelinked.com Invoice system, Widelinked.com deducts the appropriate Service Charges due Widelinked.com as described on the Website and delivers the remaining of the Payment to the Freelancer or Service Provider.

If an Employer reasonably disputes any Invoice, the Employer will pay all undisputed amounts within the time frames specified above and the parties will cooperate to verify any disputed amounts. Any Invoice amounts reasonably disputed by an Employer will not be payable to a Freelancer or Service Provider until such dispute is resolved.

The balance is refunded by the Employerof the project opening a technical support ticket requesting the return of his money. Process is subject to several conditions including:

Terms of payment (PayPal and credit cards) If the payment method, for example, does not provide a refund option, we cannot do.

If the payment method provides a refund within a specified period, we are bound by this period. So please make sure to read through the terms of the payment method you use before paying and then follow up with the support team in a standalone.

5. Close and Terminate accounts

  1. User is a stolen or non-proprietary payment method.
  2. The user plays the role of a mediator in the projects, receives a project as an independent and then employs another person to work outside or within an independent platform (in this case the intermediary is prohibited and obliged to pay any amounts due and to perform any work at the discretion of the technical support).
  3. The user attempts to defraud the freelancer by requesting full work in the messages before hiring him.
  4. The user caused harm to any other user or site.
  5. The service provider or The Freelancer evade payment of the commission of the platform through external payment and the ban is final immediately.
  6. Insisting on communication outside wide linked platform without necessity.
  7. The Service provider or Freelancer does not pursue the work after starting without any substantial reason to waste the time of the project owner.
  8. Impersonation of another person on the site.
  9. Posting fake or spam projects

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