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Find the right Freelancer or service provider to your Job

We have a wide range of talented freelancers and experienced service providers. From engineering design, project management and business management consultants in various fields of sales, marketing, human resources management, and completion of writing and translation specialists.

  • Start by posting a project. Tell us about your project and the specific skills required.
  • You can also search our site for talent Freelancer can view your project and submit proposals.
  • Use our free templates to upload your project in proper way.

Hire The Talented Freelancer or Professional Service Provider

Invite The qualified candidates to submit bids, then review and hire your favorite.

  • Browse profiles. View profiles to see ratings, portfolios, Job Success scores, previous project, qualification and more.
  • Review proposals. Evaluate bids, taking into account each Freelancer or service provider qualifications, thought process, timeline, and overall cost.
  • Wide linked provides a user-friendly platform specialized in Engineering and Management services to help you chat and share files, track your project timeline.

Work Smoothly, get more

Each project includes an online working sheet to share files between your team and your service provider, allowing you to:

  • Send and receive files.
  • Share feedback in real time.
  • Get notification on each step.

We are offering work on fixed-price contract using milestones methodology, you and your Service Provider agree on milestones for each project. When your Service provider reaches a milestone, you review the work and release funds when the work is approved.

You can chat and share files with your freelancer.


Pay When You one Satisfy, Pay easily

Pay per finished an approved milestone.

  • Only pay for work you accept and satisfy your need.
  • Access your invoices and transaction history on wide linked invoicing and reporting tools.
  • All payments to any Freelancer or service provider can be download and printed.
  • Wide linked makes paying service provider very simple and secure. Choose to pay using  PayPal. All payments are subject to a 2.9% processing fee.

Find a Project, Bid, Get Hire

Wide linked is a specialized marketplace in Engineering and Management to find more clients, and to run and grow your own business.

  • Freedom to work on Engineering projects or high Management Requirement. Run your own business and choose your own clients and projects. complete your profile, upload your reference projects search on ideal projects, and respond to client invitations.
  • Wide variety and high pay. Clients are now posting jobs in hundreds of skill categories, paying top price for great work.

Work Any Where, Finish on Time

Each project includes an online Working sheet to share files, it allowing you to:

  • Send and receive files.
  • Share feedback in real time.
  • Get notification on each step.
  • Wide linked provides a user-friendly platform specialized in Engineering and Management services to help you chat and share files, track your time, and get paid.

Deliver the project and Get paid

All projects include Payment Protection — helping ensure that you get paid for all work successfully completed.

  • All invoices and payments happen through Paypal.
  • Create your contract using milestones and funds are released once your client approved the work.
  • We charge a service provider a fee, taken as a percentage of your earnings on wide linked depend on your membership plan. you can get more details here.

Post a Job Vacancy

Wide linked differs from other recruitment platforms, as it gives you quick and accurate access to a qualified employee based on your desires. All you have to do is fill in the job description form that you want to, starting from the job title country, city, or several cities that you want the engineer to, list the experiences, and skills that the job needs as well as an opportunity to write a full job description.


Browse Potential Candidates

Once you confirm the data entered for the job and job description, the Wildlinked system will nominate the most suitable engineers for the job based on their previous projects, skills and experience. The list that appears will give you the right to deeply browse the profiles of the candidates by viewing their capabilities, skills and services that they work with and you can decide on the appropriate qualification for the job by click on short list icon.


Short list Highly Qualified Engineer

By browsing the list of engineers, their personal profile, their previous experiences, and projects, you can choose who suits you by placing it in the shorted list of selected qualified candidates. This list, you can refer to at a later time before moving to the payment process to obtain a resume that includes ways to contact candidates.


Pay Per CV

The method was easy and fast, wasn't it? Once you have confirmed the list of suitable candidates for the job, the system will transfer you to pay through the PayPal network for online payment. The minimum number of resumes is one for doing the payment. Once the payment is confirmed, you will receive an email containing the chosen CVs. All selected candidates will receive an email that their CVs have been selected, along with an attached job description waiting for your call for the interview. Good luck with your best candidate for your job.