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Mobile App development Tech

This blog will be separated into two sections the first part will be the perspective of a mobile developer working in a medium or a big company and the second part will be a perspective of a freelancer or someone working in a startup.

let's start with developers working in a medium or big company so if you're working in a medium or big company those companies still have a lot of time money and resources available to put into developing native apps. They will be developing native apps probably forever or at least for a long time. So, if you're not going to switch to other jobs like freelancers or you are not going to switch into startup it's still worth to Polish your skills in native development in swift development or Kotlin development. It's still worth to put your efforts to learn more about those platforms to become better native and there's a big shortage of native developers especially in those big companies and you don't have to travel to Silicon Valley to work in a big company using swift or Kotlin to write native apps you can do it in different places around the world. So, it doesn't matter if you live in the middle east or Africa or any other country around the world. I can recommend you start using swiftUI if you're not using that yet then it's probably a very good time to start using that even In projects that you are doing in your free time. Taking into account that Mac App Store is not as crowded as iOS app store it might be a good time to publish your app become recognized become popular and have an app which will be maybe popular there really not so many good apps and not so many good games in Mac App Store so it's definitely worth to take a look into that the thing that I would not recommend you if you already know swift and you're not a machine learning engineer or you have no knowledge about machine learning it is time to start learning machine learning using swift cause there are not so many good resources to learn about machine learning and it will be only stacked to TensorFlow framework which is very popular. it's probably the most popular machine learning framework but there are also others and if you're going to switch into machine learning world it's definitely worth to just learn Python And then you will be able to at first learn from many resources and the second thing is that you will be able to switch into other frameworks like PyTorch and you can also still use TensorFlow so that's something I would not recommend if you are going to learn machine learning just learn Python you don't have to be a master Python you just basic skills. Most things you are going to learn are math and the same with Kotlin if you are an Android developer you can still Polish your skills try to learn writing on a different platform like Google Home.

The second part is a perspective of a mobile developer working as a freelancer as an individual developer as freelancer or just working in a startup. So, a small community of people focuses on one project, so I think that there are two ways in upcoming here that are worth following and but it's still worth to just choose one of them and become probably master.

The first one is back end development. I'm not talking about writing code in node JS or Django or any other dedicated server-side framework but I'm going to talk about serverless. Currently, we have many abilities like a WS Lambda Google cloud functions, Azure functions, or firebase using Google storage. If you are working on your own projects like a freelancer developer or you're just writing something in your free time or working in a startup you are able to develop a simple or even sophisticated server-side logic within a couple of hours if you only know Python or JavaScript or Go. If you know JavaScript or Python you're able to work on all those platforms. let's switch to the front end so if you are working in a small company or you're an indie developer working on your own app sometimes it's really worth to save your time or built at least MVP for both platforms at once and I see that a lot of companies are going to use this case that's why the multi-platform technologies are growing so fast recently especially flatter. I notice that the popularity of flutter in Google trends is now bigger than the popularity of the swift and iOS platforms and it's still growing the popularity. I believe we have to learn flatter right now because you are getting the native efficiency of the app the native speed and the native feel and look and you're able to write for both platforms at once there's also support for web development still in on early stage. I've I believe you should at least read about it. I think this technology is really worth watching. If you have a little bit more free time.

The second thing in frontend in multiplatform development is using JavaScript. I feel like it's a little bit decreasing right now probably because of flatter and Secondly maybe because the decreasing popularity of mobile apps cause most of the people just got used to recently open the web apps and they are able to buy products to order products or to fill some spreadsheets using just web and it's still working and it's working pretty fine that's why I told you about that there are two technologies so the first one react native which allows you to write apps for Android and iOS and the good thing is that if you have already working app written in react JS it's pretty easy to port the code from react JS to react native and you can import your web app into your mobile app within couple days.

If you are working as a freelancer or working in a startup you have to think more about the business side of the app, not only the fancy time spent working on polishing your native app.

The most important point from building a mobile app is solving a real problem to the users or give your company the ability to reach to the users faster and efficiently. The key point from this blog is to know where to start your journey as a mobile app developer, how to use the right technology, and how to improve your skills and polish your capability in the market.

In wide linked, we are working with a huge team in developing our application and still, we are looking for high qualified developers especially in a mobile app.


Hashem Omran

blog_detail.Author: July 28, 2018

Cofounder and CEO at Wide linked Tech.