Freelancing is a Solution to Global Crisis

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Freelancing is a Solution to Global Crisis

During the past three months, the world has lived in the events of the emerging Corona virus as Covid-19, and how it has clearly and explicitly affected the global economy and the way it works and obliges on companies to direct their employees towards working remotely and following up businesses from their homes. But with the continuing state of quarantine, the economic recession the world is witnessing, money market losses, and the inability of countries to protect employees due to extensive financial and human efforts to contain the disease and its consequences if the status quo lasts for more than three months, many employees will lose them jobs, which leads The high rate of unemployment, and this will make many workers turn to self-employment and start small businesses or be a freelancers. We think rationally, not pessimistic, but we think how to overcome this hurdle.

The important question now is how do you prepare for this period to work as a freelancer engineer on the freelance platform?

Like it or not, the construction sector will be affected directly due to the consequences of the virus and quarantine, which will directly affect engineers in all sectors, whether manufacturers of building materials or field works and supply chains. Difficulty access to workplaces due to quarantine or the application of the curfew law with the suspension of communications the public. But it will not affect the design engineers working in their offices in all areas and it is the service that many companies will need in the coming period in preparation for the disappearance of the threat of corona virus and the return of the market to its nature.

Globally, the effect of the Corona virus has been revived by the freelancing market because of the companies ’tendency to employ part of the workforce as a freelancer, which makes the workflow complete and easy to communicate and reduce costs, as well as phone platforms and applications and remote communication, so it becomes easy for employees to communicate with each other and the work culture is formed From home they are professionally shaped and employers accept that their employees are easy to complete work from home.

Here there is an urgent need to know how to work from home and as an independent on a freelance platform as an engineer, if you do not have these skills then this is the time to learn and apply them quickly:

First: You need a dedicated angle in your home to work provided you are far from disturbing children, preferably the place is well ventilated.

Second: Make sure that your computer contains all the communication programs that you need, whether with your manager or with your customers, for easy communication and fast decision-making, and do not forget that the Internet is good.

Third: You need to maintain fixed times for work, preferably after seven in the morning until twelve in the afternoon, and then take a break for two hours, and then work for two for three hours depending on the size of the work required.

Fourth: Do not forget to do sports, especially stretching.

Fifth: Reduce your expenses in every possible way until you recover the income you were getting.

We come to the important part is how to find customers?

We at Wide linked platform emphasize dealing through the platform and avoiding external interaction with customers to ensure the quality of work and financial dues, as well as maintaining positive evaluation from customers to increase job opportunities.

You must configure your profile in both the platform and the LinkedIn platform, as well as social media platforms, by writing a small profile and attaching the extension of your profile on the platform for easy access to you by customers.

Diversity in marketing your services by presenting the best businesses and diversifying the sources of communication.

It is preferable for you to send Link your profile to project managers in companies and offices that suit your business. Your LinkedIn page does not reflect business capabilities, you need to display your portfolio.

Try to make your file full of different types of services and prices to facilitate dealing with the customer.

We can only contribute to this crisis by not deducting any amount from the Engineers until May 31 of the year so that the value of the project will be from 500 $ USD and more.

We pray to God that this sorrow be removed from us and be an opportunity for a better life for a bright future.



Hashem Omran

blog_detail.Author: July 28, 2018

Cofounder and CEO at Wide linked Tech.