Main skills for Digital Marketers

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Main skills for Digital Marketers

Accelerated scientific and technological progress and the emergence of globalization have accelerated the pace of change in all sectors and have had a particular impact on the labor market and business models, so the best jobs are often discussed in the future.

According to the definition of a business dictionary, the marketer is: "a person whose duties include identifying the goods and services desired by a group of consumers as well as marketing those goods and services on behalf of the company." E-marketing includes all marketing efforts using an electronic device or the Internet, from digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and their websites to connect with existing and potential customers.

It is the responsibility of marketers to make people familiar with the company's products in the best and most attractive ways, and to make sure that the products are available for purchase, so marketing especially e-marketing will continue to be the only real way to grow the brand and gain more customers, Data analysis and skills, if you want to start working in marketing you the most important skills you may need:

1- Data collection and analysis

In a recent study, Forbes revealed that 58% of companies generate value with the use of data, and nearly 60% of respondents said that data and analysis are "vital" to the operations of their organizations.

In a rapidly changing world, the competitive nature of companies in today's digital age requires data usage. Marketers need to look at data, figures and key statistics in relevant areas. This information and large data that may change the face of the business world also have a significant impact on policies the company has marketing strategies.

Useful data helps in business decision making. Marketers make many important marketing decisions based on analysis of aggregate data, enabling them to develop marketing plans and vision to achieve positive results, improve the success of their campaigns, enhance the company's profits, understand market performance, The competition.

2- Building skills relationships

Marketing is building relationships, or as it is called in the business world: networking. If you want your marketing campaigns to succeed, you will have to focus on building relationships with three key types of clients: customers, influencers, and brands. With long-term brand, social networking provides a good space to nurture relationships between marketers and customers, a great opportunity to listen to customers and understand their needs, and give them what they want, it is also important to ensure that customers feel private and appreciated, Wild messages Electronic private, or gifts to customers loyal or communicate personally with customers who do not feel good.

Reinforcing relationships will ensure that your customers know your brand better, and once they know your brand you will trust it. Your relationship with your customers may be the most important and maintaining it may be the most difficult.

Reach customers will often need a third-party partner, helping you build trust relationships with customers, and to do that you should first build trust with that party: the influencers, matching your brand with these influencers can bring significant benefits.

The third party that should build relationships with them are the brands that are likely to build profitable and profitable marketing partnerships on all sides. The partnership is often an integrated marketing and advertising campaign between two brands. The success of a single brand will also achieve the success of its partner brand. An integrative partnership between two brands can be an effective way to grow business, increase awareness, enter new markets, and target a new class of customers.

3- Decision-making skills

As a marketer you will have to make a lot of decisions from implementing creative ideas to marketing plans, organizing strategies, balancing your marketing budget, the channels you will use, campaign schedules, etc. To achieve the best results in your marketing plans you will have to learn more Make decisions smart and accurate, have the tools to help you make the right strategic decisions, and make the most of it. For example, Google Analytics is one of the most important tools that will definitely help you interpret the data in your hands to understand and target the right segments of the public.

You can be sure to choose the most effective idea, by monitoring trends to identify your customers' preferences, and to convert your data and information into clear insights that produce sound steps that help you achieve your goals easily, enabling you to be well placed to make strategic decisions based on realistic insights.

4- See the latest trends in e-marketing

Technology evolves at a very high rate and offers great opportunities for marketers to achieve marketing goals by customizing their campaigns with the right digital tools at the right time; new trends are emerging in e-marketing and other trends each year, trends continue to rise and fall again, The ever-changing landscape continues to improve your campaigns based on other trends and disappearing; for example, the rise of live streaming video on platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and even Twitter increasingly with the 2018 traffic, Interacting with viewers in real time, making it the perfect way to ask or answer questions, not to mention being a free and effective marketing tool. It is also apparent that enhanced reality marketing will see strong demand from brands in 2019. Companies such as Ikea and Amazon have begun to apply marketing to enhanced reality visualization technology, allowing users to experience things like furniture, decoration, and equipment in their actual space on smartphones to see how things look and look at home before buying.

Geofencing And Mobile Marketing, ChatBot, Instagram, Snap Chat, Artificial Intelligence, Voice Search, Effectiveness Marketing, Evergreen Content, etc. are all trends that you will know to climb in the coming months and as a marketer you will have to discover and look at each New trends in e-marketing, and choose what suits your brand of them.

What other important skills do marketers think they should learn, especially in e-marketing?

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Hashem Omran

blog_detail.Author: July 28, 2018

Cofounder and CEO at Wide linked Tech.

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    Kiruthi Venkatesh

    May 16, 2019

    nice blog, it seems to be an informative blog..It represents the skill set required for the Digital marketers. While working with the data, analysis plays a vital role.. From this article it's clearly understood that, for a digital marketer, Analytics skill is very important.... <a href=""> Data Science Training in Chennai </a>