Facts about Freelancer Business

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Facts about Freelancer Business

There is no time like the present to get a piece of this pie, whether you’re making the shift from a full-time salaried position, supplementing your income, or looking to make some extra pocket money. With freelance job requirements ranging from entry-level to highly-skilled, for some, the only barriers to entry are an internet connection and English language skills. Freelance marketplaces have bridged the gap between clients

and freelancers around the world, making it easier than ever to find work or hire professionals. Once upon a time—a mere decade ago professionals would have to chase down the next gig via aggressive advertising and self-promotion, today freelancers enjoy the free advertising that a good profile and reviews can do for them online.

Nowadays, 47% of freelancers surveyed report that they spend 2 hours or less a week looking for new projects.

To many, freelancing provides not only a significant income but freedom over one’s employment conditions; with the ability to choose which projects, when and where to do them, freelancers enjoy the flexibility that salaried employees simply do not have. Many believe that the key to juggling a work-life balance lies in freelance work, where one can set their schedule around their family, their social life, their personal needs, and other obligations.


Hashem Omran

blog_detail.Author: July 28, 2018

Cofounder and CEO at Wide linked Tech.

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    Hashem Omran

    September 15, 2019