10 Ways to Develop Your Business as a freelancer Engineer in 2019

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10 Ways to Develop Your Business as a freelancer Engineer in 2019

2018 was a year of events and changes in the field of freelancing, especially for the category of freelance engineers, especially in the field of construction. Demand has grown globally in other areas such as architecture, product design, and many more.

In this article, we will present 10 ways to grow your business as a freelance engineer

1- Never underestimate the presence of local professional events:

In 2016, when I attend a gathering of Gulf construction companies (Big 5), investment opportunities and the increasing demand for engineering services, I have created the Widelinked.com as a freelance platform for engineers.

In this event, I saw many engineers offering their services as independents.

Never underestimate the presence of professional events and conferences in your area or country.

2- Refine your skills:

Skills improvement is the way to reach a better level in your field where you have to add new skills to what you already own as an independent engineer. We have reviewed in an earlier article what skills should be available in the independent engineer to raise your technical value in the field of self-employment.

3- Find out how much you need to cover your monthly expenses?

The disappearance of the fixed salary factor is the main obstacle to the transformation of engineers from fixed employment to self-employment. As everyone knows, a fixed salary job prevents you from poverty and prevents you from getting rich too. You must adjust your living expenses as an independent considering the following disbursements:

1. Rent the house / monthly installments

2. Food, drink and other essential expenses Health insurance

3. Car insurance or transportation costs

4. Cost of schools or care for children

5. Consumer bills such as gas, telephone, electricity, and internet

6. Taxes according to the percentage of your region and your country.

In the case of your account for these costs properly you can determine how to get the income that suits you, covering your full costs, taking into account the existence of a surplus, even a small amount of emergency.

4- Plan your day and Manage your time

You must master the art of time management and management and how to make the most of your time as an independent engineer to finish your projects, your search for clients and social networking.

For example, if your living costs are up to $ 3,000 and you want to work for 6 days a week, you will need to divide $ 3000 into 24 days to achieve a daily goal of $ 125, so the hourly value of your work as an independent engineer is about $ 12.5 if you work ten hours Daily this is a minimum hurdle for your business as an independent engineer

5- Establish many relationships:

We all know that engineers work in teams of teams that differ in specialization and experience. Hence, you must establish many relationships with engineers in the same field or outside, which requires you to be more open and confused without affecting your hours of work and the final time to deliver the projects on which you work. Knowing who you are and what you do helps you reach more customers.

6- Referral request:

If you have existing clients, ask them to refer you to other clients who may have projects that need your services and skills. Just ask.

7- Ask for more work:

Ask for more work from your existing customers. Whenever you are strong and deliver your projects without delay, you guarantee a loyal customer for your business and give you a chance to stabilize your income.

8- Upload your Certificates:

The presentation of your certificates in the field of your university specialization or certificates completion of specialized courses or pass the skills tests in the software used to give confidence to your customers to work with you.

9- Create your own teams:

Specialized engineering projects cannot be completed with only one engineer. For example, if you are an architect and you are asked to design an administrative or hotel building. As a freelancer, you must employ several engineers in different disciplines such as civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and interior design.

10- Create your own website:

When you expand your business as an independent engineer, you need to build a website that reflects your business, activities, and professional credentials.Freelance work as an independent engineer starts from home to reach global projects beyond your geographical limits.

Freelance work is no longer confined to individuals but to engineering offices and administrative and technical consulting that use free work platforms as a means to attract more projects.

From here we know that the previous methods are only steps in your field as a freelance engineer to reach financial independence and raise the level of scientific and technical as well as professional.


Hashem Omran

blog_detail.Author: July 28, 2018

Cofounder and CEO at Wide linked Tech.