We offer Multi Categories for All Users

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We offer Multi Categories for All Users

Since the launch of the Wide linked platform as a free platform for independent engineers, engineering companies and offices specializing in construction or product development, the main objective is to make the platform work compatible with the way the market works to facilitate the customers or entrepreneurs to do their work safely and faster and More accurate.

The engineering work is based on the principle of the work team. There can be no integrated work by one engineer in one specialization only.

When designing a building, whether residential or commercial, or for any other reason, we need at least five specialized engineers

In the beginning, the civil engineer selects the land, raises the dimensions and the areas, and conducts the soil tests. These blue prints is submitted to the architect to carry out the process of dividing the internal area according to the application of the building or the desire of the owner of the project, as well as the work of aesthetic facades taking into account the correct engineering ratios as well as the building law of the region.

The civil engineer is handed over to the architectural on which the civil engineer turns them into building blue prints to know the number of columns and beams to implement the designs that will be executed on the ground

Both the electrical engineer and the mechanical engineer receive the architectural drawings with the designs of the structural engineer for the design of the lighting, fire systems as well as the air conditioning and heating systems, water supply systems and finally the building control system.

Finally, the work of the interior design engineer brings together all the previous blue prints, taking into account the standards and standards in which the area in which he operates, in order to design the interior destinations, lighting locations, lighting units, air conditioning systems, and the location of the fire system.

Based on the above, from the perspective of engineering work cannot be based on one specialization to get an integrated work. It is also difficult for the employer to pursue five independent engineers separately.

At Wide Linked, we give five major disciplines and five sub-specialties, making up a minimum of 25 services for each service provider, whether they are independent engineers, companies or specialized offices.

We give users a consistent platform for working reality to enhance the efficiency of the independent work system


Hashem Omran

blog_detail.Author: July 28, 2018

Cofounder and CEO at Wide linked Tech.