The Important skills for freelance Engineer

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The Important skills for freelance Engineer

In the previous blog we explained in detail how to move from the permanent job to become a freelancer engineer, and then we briefly reviewed the skills needed to be a freelancer engineer to ensure your success in the field of freelance. The following is a list of skills that a you must have to ensure your success in the field of freelance business:

1-Communication skills

Freelance business like any business, you need good communication skills, so you can deal with your customers in a good way, use different email technologies and Skype interviews to deal with different organizations and businesses, communicate skills and honesty by doing indispensable things, whatever your craftsmanship is. It remains the key to purchasing services from you and continues to increase your customers.

2-Learn another language

There is no doubt that learning another language in addition to the mother tongue will make you distinguished among the independents, English is necessary to deal with different techniques, dealing with foreign clients, and it is undeniable that English is now very important for learning courses and reading references.

Your development of English depends on daily practice, listening to audio files, writing in English as much as possible and so on. Learning another language will expand your client base and open up other horizons that you cannot reach in just one language.

3-Fundamentals of Accounting and Financial Resources

Learn about accounting and management of financial resources are important keys especially when you inflate your business, even when you begin and set your goals in the form of numbers, you should know how to calculate the return on investment and organize your monthly expenses, and the need to follow up the profits of your business and your emerging projects.

There are several free courses available to learn the basics. You do not need to go into it. But for example, knowing your performance indicators for freelance and how many profits are important things you should know. This will help you manage your business well.

4-Time management

The two most important skills you can acquire by experience or learning, time management and self-learning, without managing your time in the right way will not be able to do your business or acquire any of the skills mentioned, you will not be able to benefit from the benefits of self-employment. , Especially that the culture of self-employment through the Internet is still in its initial stages in our Arab region, which may cause some problems in the separation of working time from the time of rest.

Adherence to the deadlines necessary to complete the work and the delivery of tasks, and rest times as well as organizing things to be aware of it does not take you work to forget yourself and find that you neglected your social life.


You can consider that the ability to learn by yourself is the most important skill mentioned here, no one knows what techniques or conditions of the freelance market in general how will be after a year or two, how you can compete amid these daily developments in new programs and technologies, your ability to self-learning may guarantee you This.

6-Research skill

It is enough to search the Internet to find a variety of information about the subject of your field, but I know that the search has a way of using it, if you have reached your goal in less time Maybe? For example, if you want to search for PDF files, it is best to type the keyword and type file: pdf to find only the search results that are PDF files and ignore the rest of the results. This is a very simple example of how to search online; if you navigate the learning of search methods and secrets, you will save yourself a lot of time finding the right information.

7-Project management skills

Management is generally a very important skill, one of the basic life skills that a freelance engineer needs to learn and master it. Project management is also a life skill. The concept of the project is not just the initial meaning that comes to mind, but graduation from the university is a project that needs wise management, marriage is a project that needs to be managed, and working on the Internet is a project that needs to be managed; Needless to learn. The project management learning platform is a life skill that you can follow.

8-The skill of generating ideas

No matter what role you play, you will need continuous training on this important skill. If you are a technical writer, you will need to train to generate ideas for new articles. If you are a designer engineer, you will need to train to generate new ideas for designs that move your work to a place near creativity. To this skill constantly, whether to add to your business or to suggest new ideas to your customers.

9-Planning skill

Planning is one of the basic skills in human life. Planning may be more and more important as a result of the pressures, tasks that every human being has to do in this limited time of day. The work that was simply done today needs to be planned and organized until the work is done with great professionalism.

10-Time estimation skill

One of the questions that concerns every employer is to ask about the time it takes to complete the project. Answering this question is exhausting for novice online freelancer on the whole, but it is not cumbersome for professionals who have appreciated the time needed to finish each task. This skill is closely linked to the skill of time management. Professionals use tools to help them determine the times they spend on completing a specific task, and each time they compare their performance in terminating services from time to time they have the time to complete each task. If you are new engineer in freelance business, then you should track the time spent on each task and learn how to estimate the time required to perform each task, to keep your clients satisfied.

11-The skill of dealing with disputes

The dissatisfaction of the buyer with the level of services you offer, or even dissatisfaction with you as a seller of how some buyers deal with you, are not only in five minutes but in life itself. And prevented us from the anger or rush to release judgments on others, and ordered us to believe, and not to fall in the same mistake twice.

12-Skill working with a team

A day may come upon you and you will have to work with one team to increase your business or establishing your own business; therefore, from now on you must accept that the thought of others may be completely different from you and that you should accept their criticism and opinion with a welcoming mind. Also, the skill of working with a team takes us further to learn the important tools that are used in team management.

13-Reporting skills

One of the skills necessary for each freelancer engineer is the distinction between independent professional and another. It is always necessary to prepare summary reports of what you have done, or a status report on a service you will do. If your report is good and well designed, Business owners; they are looking for someone to achieve their goal.

14-Compulsory professional skills

Having talked about the basic skills needed for every freelancer who wants to work on the Internet, there are other skills related to your specialization that you are working with and you are solely responsible for knowing these skills and starting to learn and master them.

For example, the designer engineer is required to learn multiple skills such as learning to use design programs such as AutoCAD, Revit, ..etc.

In the end, it is not possible to limit the personal skills and the process that freelance engineer needs to ensure their success in freelance business.



Hashem Omran

blog_detail.Author: July 28, 2018

Cofounder and CEO at Wide linked Tech.

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    Richard Watkin

    April 24, 2019

    To be a good freelance engineer, there are some skills that you ought to think about acing, Scientific Skills. The freelance job market sets store by a blend of involvement and ability, and you may need to step a similar way to attract generous prospective employers.