The Reasons Why Freelance Field Engineers are in Demand

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The Reasons Why Freelance Field Engineers are in Demand

The World Bank states that online outsourcing has created different opportunities for the global economy, as countries have maximized their capabilities from internet platforms. The future is freelancing, and there has been an influx of freelance field engineers in recent times. This trend has been going on strong, as businesses have found they can easily outsource these jobs to specialists at a fraction of the cost.

More and more businesses are looking to hire freelance engineers, because these workers can choose their own projects, and work along their schedules. It is a win-win situation for everyone, and that has seen a rising demand for more freelance engineers in the market. So, what is the driving force behind this demand? We look at the factors driving the demand for freelance field engineers:

1. Field engineering is naturally mobile

Telecom field engineers perform tasks on the client’s site, which means they must be mobile. They are constantly moving and traveling from one site to another, and that is why it makes sense for telecom field engineers to try their hand at freelancing. It makes sense for businesses as well, since they can acquire professional expertise for a few hours, at a fraction of the cost.

The flexibility of hiring freelancers whenever they need them, has allowed companies to acquire the services of highly skilled freelance field engineers from around the world.

2. Freelance field engineering is cost-effective

The marketplace is very competitive, and prices are increasing every single day. As a business skilled labor is the biggest expense they incur along with maintenance and installation of communications infrastructure. The average salary of a field engineer in the US is more than $60,000 with benefits, but businesses can hire freelance field engineers at a fraction of that cost and save money, without compromising on the quality of their work.

3. Businesses get access to great talent

Most businesses can remain hesitant, when it comes to hiring freelance field engineers, because they don’t trust the quality of work. This can hold them back, because the freelance marketplace is huge, and the industry has crossed figures of $4.4 billion annually.

The best thing an organization looking for freelance field engineering talent can do is to use the right service or platform to find them. You should look for a cloud-based platform, which focuses on field engineering, so that you gain more flexibility, speed, and customization.

How to choose a freelance field engineering platform?

If you are struggling to find a reliable freelance field engineering platform, don’t worry because we will show you exactly what you should look for. You can start by looking for applications that filter candidates based on qualifications and location.

Check to see if you can review past work experience and customer testimonials of the freelance field engineer. When you find a candidate you like, the platform should facilitate a contract agreement, and step in in case of disputes or confusion between the two parties. Make sure that the platform is automated, so aren’t wasting time on tedious tasks.


Hashem Omran

blog_detail.Author: July 28, 2018

Cofounder and CEO at Wide linked Tech.